Premises of ObodIce MNE Co., Ltd. are located in Cetinje (see on Google maps) Montenegro, the town which has had a long tradition in manufacturing chest freezers. Cetinje was one of the first towns in the ex-Yugoslavia that started producing home appliances.

At that time OBOD has very soon got a reputation of a leading manufacturer, well known by the quality of its products. The economic collapse during the civil war and the embargo/sanctions gripped the Cetinje’s industry and practically destroyed one of the giants of Yugoslav and Montenegrin economy. After that the market was penetrated by the white home appliances from various world producers and very soon they over-flew this area. Nevertheless there was a vacuum and the need for a domestic product.

That chance was used in 2003 by the group of inspired and industrious people who established “joint venture” company named OBODICE-MNE Ltd. – Cetinje. Later on, the same investors bought off the shares of their Italian partner and became the only owners. After some period of preparatory work and test production, the mass production started in March 2004.

Conquering of the market was not easy-going. Today we may say that ObodIce has been positioned in the market thanks to its own forces and convulsive struggle with strong competitors such as GORENJE and BEKO. This means that today ObodIce exports 90% of its production.