The main activity of the company ObodIce Ltd. is the manufacture of five standard chest freezers models, which differ from each other by their volume in liters. Besides, the company introduced two super insulated models: SI HOZ-31 and SI HOZ-41.

Standard chest-freezers:
Gross volume in liters: 140L, 200L, 300L, 400L and 500L.

Key features of the products are:

  • Insulation thickness: 60 mm
  • Refrigerant: gas R134a
  • Temperature range: -18°C to – 25°C
  • Energy class: A+

Besides to the above basic production range, we have produced two super insulated models:

  • SI HOZ  31 gross volume 310 lit;
  • SI HOZ  41 gross volume 410 lit;
  • Insulation thickness: 90 mm;
  • Energy class: A++

There is also a mini kitchen in our production range, model: MKKR 120

The whole production is located in the area of 5,200 m2.

Standard Chest freezers range:

  • HOZ-15
  • HOZ-21
  • HOZ-31
  • HOZ-41
  • HOZ-51

Super insulated chest freezers range:

  • SI HOZ-31
  • SI HOZ-41

Mini kitchen:

  • MKKR 120