The manufacturer warrants, for “ObodIce” MNE Chest Freezers, to the original purchaser, all parts and workmanship for 5 years from the date of shipment, including reasonable labor allowances for repairs or replacement of defective parts when performed by an authorized Service Agent. Under the above warranty provisions, the manufacturer will supply replacement parts for any part proven defective in material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover transit, accidental damage, misuse, fire, flood or other conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer.

Should you experience a problem, please proceed as follows:

  • If there is shipping damage, notify the driver and the shipper immediately. Do not call the manufacturer – the shipper is liable for any damage in transit.
  • Contact the manufacturer or its agent for troubleshooting advice as soon as the defect is detected.
  • Please have the model number and serial number handy so that we can pull the file on your freezer and handle any questions you may have.
  • If malfunction is electrical and external to the sealed refrigeration system, you or your service department may proceed with replacement of defective parts.
  • If the problem appears to be internal, or is a refrigerant leak beyond the scope of your service department, we suggest you call our factory service department for assistance.
  • Under no circumstances should the unit be returned without prior authorization. Any attempts to ship units without authorization will be refused.

FOR ALL BUYERS OUTSIDE OF OBODICE MNE SERVICE NETWORK (presently we cover Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia), the manufacturer is obliged to supply recommended spare parts to be shipped with your order, or additional parts and components on request. In such cases, the buyer provides after-sales service by themselves.


INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL – Chest freezers pdf