OBODICE-MNE is a company engaged in the production and sale of chest freezers. The company’s premises are located in Cetinje, Montenegro (see Google map), a city with a long tradition in the production of horizontal freezers. Cetinje was one of the first cities in the former Yugoslavia where the production of household refrigeration appliances was started. Former OBOD very quickly gained a reputation as a leading manufacturer, known for the quality of its products. The collapse of the economy during the civil war and sanctions affected the Cetinje economy and practically destroyed one of the giants of the Yugoslav and Montenegrin economy. After that, the market opened up and white goods from various world manufacturers quickly flooded these areas. Still, there was a vacuum and a lack of a domestic producer.

At the end of 2003, a group of inspired and hard-working people took advantage of this opportunity and founded a “joint venture” company called OBODICE-MNE Ltd. Cetinje. Later, the same investors bought the shares of the Italian partner and became the sole owners. After a period of preparation for production and trial operation, mass production began in March 2004.

Penetration into the market was not at all easy or simple and today we can rightly say that OBODICE-MNE is positioned on the market thanks to its own strengths and fierce struggle with strong competition such as GORENJE and BEKO. This positioning means that today OBODICE-MNE exports 90% of its total production.